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Mate & Guayusa

yerba-mate.pngYerba Mate Tea is a green tasting drink typically consumed in South America. In ancient times, it was used by medicine men as they travelled over the mountains from one village to another.  Mate is an appetite suppressant and a stimulant as well.  It is one of the only herbal teas that contains a natural form of caffeine called mateine.

Most people who cannot consume caffeine find they can still drink Yerba Mate. This is because the mateine reacts with our bodies differently than caffeine. Caffeine causes a dramatic increase in energy followed by a drastic drop accompanied by the shakes.  Mateine seems to work in conjunction with your body to give a nice even boost accompanied by a slow decrease in energy. It has also been reported that if your body needs rest, the mateine seems to work opposite  of caffeine and causes you to slip into a restful sleep.

Yerba Mate contains many vitamins and minerals.  There are 144 trace minerals, anti oxidants and vitamins in Green Tea.  Yerba Mate has all 144 plus an additional 52!  There have not been many scientific studies on this herb.  It is the belief of the Tea Lady that if more research was done, this tea would rank as the most beneficial to the body.

Yerba Mate is widely consumed in South America today.  In fact, if you travel to Argentina or Brazil, you will find people walking around with thermoses.  In those thermoses is hot water.  People stop multiple times per day to have a Mate break.  They pull out a hollowed-out gourd and their bombilla, a metal straw with a strainer on the bottom, and fill up the gourd with Mate and hot water from their thermos.  It is then consumed as a communal drink where everyone takes a sip and passes it around.