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Pu-erh Tea is a type of tea that is grown only in the Yunnan Province of China. Until recently, this tea was consumed mostly in China as a health tonic. It is unique because the leaves are dried (and sometimes oxided) and then re-wet for a secondary fermentation process. The tea leaves are processed through microbial fermentation and oxidation after they are dried and rolled.

Some research suggests that Pu-Erh tea promotes weight loss. It is known to be served before, during, and after meals with high fat content because it can prevent the fatty oils from being completely digested. The possibility that chemicals in pu-erh tea inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the laboratory has also been suggested.

Blended Pu-Erh teas provide an entrée into the world of Pu-Erh by blending the rich flavor of the tea with familiar and delicious herbs, fruits, and spices that introduce Pu-Erh appreciation gently to Western taste buds.